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Scrap My Car Wandsworth

Each member at London Scrap My Car understands that you come to us with the expectations of receiving the maximum value possible for your scrapping car. And, we strive to fulfil every bit of your desire herein. However, one must remember that not all cars will have the same value because of plenty of rational reasons. But, we promise to give you the maximum worth.

We follow a wholesome criterion to derive the highest value of the scrapping vehicle. Read on to know what amount of money you can expect while availing of our Scrap my Car Wandsworth services.


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Scrap My Car Wandsworth – The value of your Scrap Car?

We wish to give you the most out of this deal; hence, we pay attention to every mattering detail in this price-determining procedure. Here are some usual steps or factors that will decide the amount of money you can have in your bank account after getting the car scrapped.

  • The market price of metal

This has to be the first factor influencing the value of your scrapping car, where the market will play a crucial role. The metal price is arrived at according to the demand and supply curve. Thus, you will have to be watchful about the ongoing metal prices while wanting to give away your car in scrap. Even a junkyard will not be able to give you a whopping amount if the metal market is slumping.

  • Condition of the car

If the metal market is stable or in the boom, we will be glad to assure the best possible scrap car prices to all clients. We consider several factors to reach the final estimate. A car capable of extracting more metal will get you more money, so the size/ weight of the car will matter in the price determination. The model of the car can also affect the final amount where the resale value of an advanced part is high.

  • Missing parts of the car

It is not just about what is there in the car to be scrapped; it is also about what is missing. We have had clients asking to scrap their cars without wheels. Let us share a piece of information with you; a car without wheels is unlikely to be accepted by any scrap dealer. It becomes challenging to bring it to the junk station and carry out other scrapping procedures. Some may agree to dispose of it at a low or zero value.

Key takeaway

After you furnish the above details, we promise to get back to you in 20 seconds with a fair estimate. You may either submit the required particulars at Quote Request Form or call our efficient attendants at 020 3893 2261 for an instant response. We strive to be the quickest and most lucrative option when you search for services like scrap my car near me or scrap my car Wandsworth.

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Scrap My Car Wandsworth – Brief Price Guide

We know that you are still looking for some numbers and not just subjective answers about how much you can get from your scrap car. We at London Scrap My Car have given a value as high as £232 for a Ford transit with an estimated weight of 1.691 tones, 2001 model. Those having a BMW car can get an idea with the value of £192, Series 3, 2002 model, weighing 1.365 tones at our store. You can always check our recent work at to know more.

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