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Scrap My Car Southwark (charitable option)

Many look at the charitable option when it comes to getting rid of a junk car. Many ask where do I scrap my car near me, while others ponder, I don’t want to scrap my car, how do I donate it, or use it to support a cause? Well, to those who wonder the latter, we have good news.

Eliminating that piece of junk in the driveway has a charitable alternative. Read along to find out more on donating car or using your scrap car as a charitable thing for the society.


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Car donation

If you have a car that is completely unusable and are looking to dispose of it, you might have considered donating your scrap car. There are a lot of companies that offer this service but they are not all created equal.

When you donate your scrap car, the company will take your vehicle and then use its parts as spare parts. Some companies may even pay you for your old scrap car.

If you have an unusable vehicle, donating it to charity can be a great way to get rid of it while also making some cash. The process is pretty simple: just drive the car to a local charity and tell them what you want to do with it (donate or sell). Once they accept your donation, they will either pay you for the vehicle or tow it away from your house.

If they don’t accept donations at this time then try asking them when their next donation day is coming up so that you can schedule an appointment for delivery on that date instead. Donating your scrap car in the UK as a charitable option compared to selling it to a junk yard? The perfect plan.

Here at London Scrap My Car, our agents can help you out in deciding the best course of action.


Car donation is a great charitable option in the UK. In fact, according to research done by the website Scrap my Car for Charity, over 72% of people surveyed said that they would donate their car to charity instead of selling it to a junk yard.

This is likely due to many reasons: you can receive tax benefits, help people in need, and feel-good knowing that you helped someone less fortunate while also helping the environment.

You should note that some charities have restrictions on which cars they will accept as donations, so be sure to check with your local charity before donating.

Remember – if you go it alone then you have to make sure that you do your research in finding a suitable charity. Choosing a reputable charity can be more difficult than you imagine.

Try not to give your donation to any small or local organization as there is no way of knowing if they are registered or whether they will use the money for administration costs or other things. donate only to authorized and well-known charities.


London Scrap My Car, 33-35 Jamestown Road, London, NW1 7DB

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Whether you just want the best scrap car prices or you wish to donate your car as a charitable alternative to selling – London Scrap My Car is here for your help. We take pride in our excellent track record when it comes to scrapping cards in an environmentally-safe way or donating them for a cause.

Talk to us today and let’s sort out your old car’s problem.

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