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All prices quoted are guaranteed prices paid upon collection. All DVLA forms filled upon collection.

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We provide Same Day Service and late night service, depending on the area postcode and our availability.


We provide free collection & make sure all scrapped cars are disposed of in a legal & environmentally compliant way.

How Do We Work? Scrap My Car South London

Anybody wishing to scrap their car would undoubtedly be interested in knowing the procedure with us. We understand that you want the entire process to be short, crisp, and of great value to you. London Scrap My Car strives to be the quickest executor so that you do not have to spend even a minute extra in getting money for your scrapping vehicle. Our procedure primarily has only three steps, and they are not demanding.


London Scrap My Car

Our team has successfully executed umpteen scrap my car orders until now with our easy-to-follow steps. From first to last, everything is standardized to ensure a non-arbitrary experience. You may look at how we work in the following section or can even contact our team for a one-to-one conversation. We have no hesitancy if you ask the same from any of our previous clients.

However, the three steps regarding how we work while scrapping and paying for your car are as simple as ABC. These are pointed out below.

  • Gather essential info

It will indeed be an initiation from your side and we welcome all such requests wholeheartedly. Our team at London Scrap My Car follows two efficient modes of communication in this regard. You can either call us on the given phone numbers or fill out the online form. Just tap this Quote Request Form to land on the page directly.

Let our attendant know the crucial info like your name, model of the car, registration number of the vehicle, and your contact details. Kindly describe the car’s condition in the given form or on the phone call to keep things straightforward from the beginning itself.

  • Offer a suitable quote

Our team acknowledges that you are looking for the best scrap car prices. London Scrap My Car is pleased to inform you that we are not just the best but also the quickest dealers. You will be assured of the maximum value of the proposed vehicle at our store. On top of it, you get the advantage of getting the quote in just twenty seconds with us. Lastly, Scrap My Car South London branch is one of our top rated scrap dealer.

The quotes are given based on plenty of factors and infomation the interested client provides. A newer model of the vehicle is going to fetch more price. Proper documentation will also speed up the process. Our technicians inspect the car thoroughly so that you can get the highest price for the scrapping car.

  • Arrange for collection of cars

Now that all the talking is done, it will be the right time to put the deal into final action. Once you share all pieces of relevant info about the car and we are done with the quote estimation task, we will proceed further efficiently to collect the car. While you look for scrap my car near me options, London Scrap My Car has an exciting free collection option.


London Scrap My Car

You can tell us the date, time, and place as you feel convenient. Our qualified, punctual, and enthusiastic staff will see you at the designated spot at the decided time. Avail yourself free service at this point with us. We hope to make this step thrilling and at zero cost for you in the true sense.

Voila! That is followed by the apparent payment you will receive instantly for the scrapping car. If you have anything else in mind or want us to go ahead for you at any step, do let us know anytime by ringing 020 3893 2261. We strive to make scrapping a car a quick, profitable, and efficient experience for you.