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All prices quoted are guaranteed prices paid upon collection. All DVLA forms filled upon collection.

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We provide Same Day Service and late night service, depending on the area postcode and our availability.


We provide free collection & make sure all scrapped cars are disposed of in a legal & environmentally compliant way.

Why Choose Us? Scrap My Car Slough

It does not matter what product or service you are looking for in the market; you will always have umpteen options. However, the concerning point as a wise customer or client should be to know the worthiest dealer. It is highly imperative to analyze the features or reasons before making a final choice. Selecting a wrong or unsuitable option can invite adverse consequences.


London Scrap My Car

And, when you are looking for deals regarding scrap my car, you need to be a little more alert about the service provider’s background. We have tried our best to make things easy to compare for you. Here is a look at what we offer and why we stand apart from other scrap dealers. London Scrap My Car assures you the following points of sheer satisfaction.

  • Comply with legal formalities

As responsible citizens and law abider individuals, we must follow the legal provisions wherever applicable. The official authorities have laid down specific rules and regulations on scrapping cars to ensure a systematic and genuine transaction each time.

Our qualified and experienced members will check all such legal requirements for you. We will verify DVLA or Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency forms thoroughly for you.

  • Provide any minute services

People often look for scrap my car near me services with the option to execute the transaction on the same day. Understandably, one might have an urgent need or a personal reason to give away their car right away. Thus, it becomes necessary to contact a dealer offering instant services.

While other dealers may take a few days, London Scrap My Car is glad to have an efficient team working day and night for you. Let us know your postcode, and we will also arrange for a late-night collection.

  • Offer collection for free

Another common problem a car owner faces is paying some amount of money for the pickup of the scrapping car. People nowadays prefer closing the deal with a dealer charging no money for collection services. You do not have to pay for the pickup of the vehicle you wish to give away as scrap.

We are here to fulfil this demand of yours quickly and sincerely. Free scrap car collection is one of our highlights that make us distinctive from other dealers. Thus, you can save money with us, which would have been a collection expense.

  • Assure of quick estimates & payments

As an owner and scrap car seller, one’s primary focus is quickly getting the estimate and payment. Other stores may take time to process the entire process; we work at lightning speed for you. Avoid making a deal with dealers who cannot guarantee you quick payments.

London Scrap My Car is known in the market to offer quotes in time as short as twenty seconds. Yes, you read that right! Call us or fill Quote Request Form to get a fair estimate almost instantly. You even the payment upon car collection from us then and there only.

  • Determine the best value

Whenever a person decides to sell anything, the usual and rational expectation is to get the highest possible price. Look no further and contact us now. You will always get the maximum number while looking for scrap car prices. We consider all relevant features while deciding the worth of your scrap car.


London Scrap My Car

The bonus perk with us is that London Scrap My Car is an ideal dealer if you are concerned about the environment. We keenly practice environment-friendly recycling processes while disposing of scrap cars. Click on London Scrap My Car to know more about us.