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All prices quoted are guaranteed prices paid upon collection. All DVLA forms filled upon collection.

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We provide free collection & make sure all scrapped cars are disposed of in a legal & environmentally compliant way.

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About London Scrap My Car

Is your car not in a suitable road condition? Is your car eating money on the repairs now? Has it been more than a decade or two since your car was manufactured? Has your car started to look and feel like junk? Are you planning to give away your car for scrapping?

Note: Scrap My Car Romford has a 7.8/10 rating in Customer Service!

If you nodded in affirmation to any of these questions, we have a solution for you at London Scrap My Car. Please get rid of your junk-like vehicle and get paid for it instantly from us. Does it not sound wowing to get money for your junk vehicle? We are here to give you this opportunity to trade your old car for hundreds of dollars.

Read on to know what perks we have in store for you.

About our services

Millions of cars become useless every year; they lose their functional value or get so damaged that they are no safer to drive. It can either be time passage or a tragic accident that may ruin the car. You can have any other reason also to reach out for our seamlessly efficient scrap my car services.

We promise to ask no questions other than the standard procedure or legal conditions if any. Thus, we can provide you with quick and money-making scrap services. All you need is a car that has become junk, contact us, sit back, and relax because we will do everything else for you. Our qualified workers will perform each task, from collecting cars to transferring funds.

Our Scrap My Car Romford branch is our top-rated Branch in London in terms of prices we offer.

You may contact our quickly responsive team at 020 3893 2261 for a phone call. The option for getting an instant quote before getting in touch with us personally is also available. Click on our  Quote Request Form and share relevant details about you and the vehicle to avail of the most efficient scrap my car near me experience.

Yes, you might have ample options for junkyard owners. But, we are here at London Scrap My Car to give you the most feasible, convenient, and worthiest choice. Here are some highlights about our services that make us stand apart in the scrap market.

  • Trusted car recyclers
  • ATF aka Authorized Treatment Facility
  • Free estimates in 20 seconds
  • Free collection of cars from your place
  • Scheduling as per your directions
  • Same day service with the late-night option
  • Instant payments right after scrapping the car
  • Complies with all legal necessities
  • Follows eco-friendly protocols for recycling
  • The best scrap car prices in the market

About our team

We are delighted to provide you with the satisfaction of professional and reliable services. Everybody in our team is equipped with scrapping know-how and legal formalities. We have successfully executed many car scrapping orders efficiently without any complaints. Check out our Recent Work to have a visual insight into our work by professionals.

Being in the industry for a long time now gives us the edge of having market info. Our experts will always give you the correct details about metal price, the value of your car, V5C/ logbook, insurance, tax, and everything else that matters to you for a satisfying car scrapping experience.

Click on to get elaborated info about more topics you should know about while giving away your car as scrap. We do not want to hide anything; we have provided info about insurance, V5C, Certificate of Destruction, and plenty of other things for your knowledge. Ping us today for free yet quality services.

We look forward to providing value for your scrapped vehicle. Call us now!

Note: Scrap My Car Romford has a 9.5/10 rating in offering the best Scrap my Car Prices.

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