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Millions of vehicles have to be put through the scrapping process every year because they are of no use and have become junk. If your car is also falling in the same category now, we are happy to attend to you in this regard efficiently. You will undoubtedly want to know the requisites beforehand to save time and expedite the process.


London Scrap My Car

Without specific documents, one cannot successfully finish the task and get money for the scrapped car. Our experienced members at London Scrap My Car have put together all paperwork you will have to have while opting for scrap my car services.

What paperwork or documents will you need?

Yes, the laws demand some documents to scrap a vehicle; the good thing is that it is all doable and does not want you to climb a mountain. You will need the following papers to proceed with the car scrapping process.

  • V5C registration certificate or logbook

The vehicle registration certificate or logbook comes with every vehicle, no matter what. You will have to submit a V5C certificate to DVLA or Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency to prove your ownership. Ideally, you should get a revert in four weeks; if not, take a follow-up. Do not worry if you cannot find the V5C certificate. Writing to DVLA about details and confirmation to scrap the car will do the job well.

We at London Scrap My Car can provide you with qualified help in completing this paperwork that involves name, model, and other crucial details.

  • Insurance write-offs note

If the car scrapping decision comes from the insurance company instead of you, sending the V5C/3 registration certificate to DVLA will be essential. Retain the yellow slip with you and get expert help with the further procedure of selecting the suitable category for your car. You will also have to obtain a V62 form in this situation.

Avoid missing any step; you can always let us help you with errorless executions. London Scrap My Car is keenly thorough with the scrap car prices and paperwork formalities.

  • Personalized registration certificates

This may or may not be applicable in all cases. Proceed with this step if you have a personalized vehicle registration plate. If so, go ahead and fill out the V317 form to proceed with the scrapping process. People prefer submitting to this step to reserve their title on the personalized registration plate.

If this seems to be a new thing to learn and something clueless to execute, we are just a call away from providing the best clarification.

  • Miscellaneous things to know

Apart from the above-mentioned crucial documents, there can be a couple more things you will have to have in hand. Other mandates can be info about the car’s service history, your ID, proof of address, etc.

Another document is involved in the process known as a Certificate of Destruction or CoD. You do not have to arrange this before getting your car scrapped. This is the document or certificate you receive at the end of the process. It is the legal proof that you have given up the said car, and no liability lies on your shoulders for the same for tax or other matters.


London Scrap My Car

It is highly imperative to get this certificate for legal purposes. So, if you wish to have a legally-complied scrap my car near me experience, we encourage you to contact London Scrap My Car at 020 3893 2261. We take each legal mandate seriously for you wherever and whenever necessary.

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