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Catalytic Converter Guide

Catalytic converts are worth quite alot, even after your car has run its course. Why is that?

Your car runs on a system of interdependent components that work in tandem to produce the power you need to get from point A to point B. One of these is a catalytic converter, which is a device that filters harmful emissions before they can be released into the atmosphere.

Some regions require catalytic converters by law, but other than that, it isn’t an item that gets much attention until it needs to be replaced.


The London Scrap My Car Services

Because it’s designed to last for years, there’s not much reason for you as a driver to think about it — unless you’re dealing with theft or damage, since unexpected replacements can be very costly.

The high price tag has made some people ask: why are catalytic converters worth so much? The answer lies in the metals used in their production and the economic factors that drive their value.

Some converters are made from platinum, which is among the most expensive metals in the world.

A single troy ounce of pure platinum is pretty expensive, making it one of only five elements with a market price in the higher end per ounce (the others being rhodium, ruthenium, iridium and palladium). Converters that use palladium instead tend to cost remarkably higher than those which don’t.

Catalytic converters are a very valuable piece of metal. They can be worth a lot of money and precious metal recyclers will pay cash for them. The reason they are worth so much is because they contain platinum, palladium, and rhodium.

Platinum is extremely rare and recyclers are willing to pay top dollar for it. These metals aren’t just used in catalytic converters. They’re also used in cell phones, computers, LCD screens, fuel cells, jewelry, medicine and dentistry.

What do these metals do?

When your car is running, these metals convert carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxide (NOx), hydrocarbons (HC), and air pollutants into carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen gas (N2), water vapor (H2O), and oxygen gas (O2).

Selling your car for cash

Old cars can be very expensive to keep on the road. In fact, some owners will find that their old car is more expensive to run than it would cost them to lease a brand-new vehicle. This makes scrap yards very attractive places to take their vehicles and cash in on the metal.

Wondering how do I scrap my car? More accurately, how do I scrap my car near me? Well, fret not. We have you covered!


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