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If you have no idea where to even start with scrapping your car, then do not worry! So many people have never needed to scrap a vehicle, so it’s not surprising that a little guidance is needed. Scrap My Car London is here to make the process as quick and easy as possible, whilst offering the best possible price for your car.

How We Work – Scrap My Car London

  • Call us or fill in a form online

To begin the process, all you need to do is let us know that you’re thinking about scrapping your car. This can be done by either give us a call or filling out our online form, we can then use this information to process your vehicles details and start to formulate a price.  

  • Receive a quote in 20 seconds

Now that you’ve submitted your information, we can provide you with an accurate quote within 20 seconds. Really, it’s that quick. We take into account factors such as the make and model of your vehicle, age, weight and any missing parts to make you a fair offer for your car.  

  • Schedule your car for collection

Once you’ve accepted our offer, the next step is to agree a time for us to come and collect your vehicle. We’ll take care everything for you and bring all of the relevant equipment required to make it a stress-free event for you.  

  • Instantly receive payment

Once we (Scrap my Car London) have taken the vehicle back to the depot and processed the relevant paperwork, you will instantly receive your payment. We believe that you should receive the agreed price as soon as possible, without dragging out the process unnecessarily and making you wait.

If you’re interested in scrapping your car and want a price within the next 20 seconds, then call us now on 020 3893 2261 or head over to London Scrap My Car where you can Request a Quote by fill out our Quote Request Form and find out how much money we could be depositing into your bank account this week.


Scrap My Car London

Why choose us?

There are many scrap metal dealers that will bite your hand off to come and collect your vehicle, but it’s fair to say that there are plenty that will do everything they can do, to offer a poor price and provide a bare minimum service. We, at Scrap my Car London, believe we’re different, and here’s why:

  • Fair guaranteed pricing

We believe that you should get exactly what your car is worth. That’s why we use your vehicle information to generate a price based on the current market conditions. We then confirm the price with you, and this comes your guaranteed price with no further harassment or haggling required after.

  • DVLA forms completed

The chances are you haven’t filled out the relevant forms before, and you might not ever need to again once you have successfully scrapped your vehicle. As you can imagine, we’re experts on this sort of stuff and that’s the reason why we will fill out all the DVLA paperwork for you. We’ll come to collect your vehicle, capture all of the required information from you and submit the paperwork. Leave all the admin to us 🙂

  • Service when you need it

When you finally make the decision to scrap your vehicle, you don’t want to have to wait days for it to be collected. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing same day and late night collection to provide you with the best service possible. If we are available in and you’re within the Greater London post code, the chances are we will be able to arrange a very quick collection for you.

  • Free collection and recycling

Not only will we come and collect your car quickly, but we’ll also do it free of charge. At the end of the day, there’s no point offering you a price to scrap your car but then hit you with hidden charges. We, at Scrap my Car London, also make every effort to ensure that your car is scrapped in an environmentally friendly way. This means that when you hand over your vehicle, you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that everything has been carried out as per the UK gov legislation in place.


Scrap My Car London

How do I scrap my car for cash?

If you’re wondering how you scrap your car for cash, then the short answer is that you can’t. Cash transfers are forbidden under legislation introduced in 2013, and scrap dealers can lose their license if they carry out their business in this way.

The legislation is effective because it also gives the vehicle owners plenty of benefits too. One of these is that a cheque or electronic bank transfer provides you with a paper trial to prove that the deal went ahead. This gives you protection, so that if the paperwork isn’t completed correctly then the DVLA could contact you with potential fines and you won’t have any proof to show that you no longer have the vehicle. So you don’t really want to scrap your car for cash.

What paperwork will I need?

We will carry out all the paperwork required to scrap the car, but to support the process we will require the vehicle logbook (V5C). Without this document we will not be able to scrap this car, as there is no proof that we’ve had authorization from the owner to do so.

Once the relevant paperwork is complete, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) through the post within a week of processing. This then proves that the car has been legally scrapped and the DVLA knows that you are no longer responsible for it.

How much will you get for using our Scrap My Car London services?

The specific scrap value of a car is hard to estimate without any specific details. The price you are offered will be based on a number of different factors, including:

  • Make and model
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Trim level and engine type

We will the take this information and provide you with a firm guaranteed price if we come to collect your car.


Scrap My Car London

Can I get a refund on my insurance?

Once the car has been scrapped and you’ve received the Certificate of Destruction then you are officially no longer responsible for the vehicle. This means that you can go ahead and contact your insurance provider and ask for a refund on the remaining months insurance that are no longer required. This really depends on the method you use to pay for your insurance; if you pay upfront for the year then you’re well within your right to request the refund. If you choose to pay monthly then it’s more likely the case that the insurance company will refund the remaining days of the month that you’ve already paid for and cancel any future payments that are no longer relevant.

Donate the value of your scrap car to charity

With so many honourable causes to support in the world, many people are choosing to donate the price they receive from scrapping their car to charity. We can save you the effort and help to donate this money for you. All that is required is that you notify us when we come to collect the car and we can send the payment to a charity of your choice rather than your own personal bank account. We will then of course send you confirmation that the donation has been made on your behalf. This is a great way to convert an old vehicle that is no longer serving a purpose into valuable resource that a charity can use to do some good in the world.  

If you live in London and you’re still wondering “where can I scrap my car near me” then you need to look no further than London Scrap My Car.  You can request a quote either on the phone or by using our Quote Request Form to find out how much your scrap car could be worth.

It’s genuinely never been easier to scrap your car. We (Scrap my Car London) can provide you with a quote almost immediately, collect your car on the same day and have the money in your bank account before you can start to think of what to spend it on. Contact us today and let us

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