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Scrap My Car Lewisham

Anybody wanting to give away their car as scrap is going to seek ways in which they can maximize the value to be received. There is nothing wrong with wanting a higher value, and it is indeed a natural desire. Yes, you will often come across statements like the value depends on the condition of the car, price of the metal, etc. Undoubtedly, these factors will play a crucial role, but does that mean that there is nothing you can do as an owner of the scrap car to get a higher price?


London Scrap My Car, 33-35 Jamestown Road, London, NW1 7DB

Well, we at London Scrap My Car want to help you here so that you can have the satisfaction of getting the maximum value for scrap my car services. Here are some tips that you may find utterly helpful in this regard.

  • Choose a legitimate dealer

This might sound a bit weird or too obvious to state, but it is highly imperative not to forget this tip. There are several scenarios where an individual ended up with an unlicensed junkyard dealer who set a trap of a higher amount but led to legal implications later for the client. So, it is wise always to contact an ATF or Authorized Treatment Facility like London Scrap My Car to get the best price for your scrap car legitimately.

  • Prefer free collection services

A scrap dealer may charge some fee for collection services, meaning they will ask for some money or pay less after deducting their expense of picking up your scrap car. The tip here is to seek free services instead of scrapping my car near me options to avoid this unnecessary collection fee. We are here to provide you with more value because we offer free collection or pickup services.

  • Avoid dealers charging for logbook/ V5C

If it is your first time getting your car scrapped, there is a chance that you are unaware of the logbook or V5C rules. V5C is a document you need to submit to the DVLA or the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency for scrapping the car. However, not many people know that it is not compulsory; so if you have misplaced a V5C, you can still go for car scrapping. Some junkyard dealers make money out of this. Be wary and do not bear such irrational deductions in the value of the scrap car.

  • Keep the parts intact

One of the common approaches is to remove the accessories and several other significant parts of the car before giving it for scrapping. People do not understand that doing so will reduce the price after getting the car scrapped. Yes, you can remove some parts like seat covers, advanced stereo, extra speakers, and other accessories you got installed. But, removing wheels and similar indispensable parts will undoubtedly cut the value. You can always consult our qualified team to know what parts you can and cannot remove.

  • Get insurance and tax refund

It is an indirect but fruitful way to get more out of the car scrapping process. The scrap dealer might not be able to hike the final amount, but you can get a return from scrapping your car from the relevant authorities. And, this is all that matters! Consider cancelling the insurance policy and claim a refund for the remaining period.


London Scrap My Car, 33-35 Jamestown Road, London, NW1 7DB

The bonus tip is that you can always contact us at 020 3893 2261 to get the best possible value for your scrap car. Get suitable scrap car prices and instant estimates by sharing details on our simple Quote Request Form.



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