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Scrap My Car Lambeth

Scrapping a car is a quick, effective, and lucrative thing when the car does not seem to be of any utility now. However, there are some legal provisions that one cannot ignore in this process. One may presume that it is their car and can dispose of it however they wish to, but this is not true. The recyclability of metal and related procedure impacts the environment. There are insurances, taxes, and plenty of other points of legality attached to your vehicle. Thus, it is not just a personal matter but also a legal affair.

So, there are some restrictions when it comes to the mode of payment after availing of scrap my car services. People usually prefer settling the account in cash, but is it possible? Are there legal constraints on taking money for a scrapped car? Our Scrap My Car Lambeth branch is concerned about you and the government regulations. Thus, we have outlined the feasibility of cash payments in this post.


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Legal provisions about car scrapping

We live in a society governed by a set of rules recognized by law and applicable to all. While opting for car scrapping, you should keep at least two crucial laws in mind.

  • First, always get connected with a licensed ATF or Authorized Treatment Facility like London Scrap My Car while getting your car scrapped. Executing the same with an unregistered scrap dealer can bring penalties and adverse consequences. So, always ask about the licensing of the dealer to avail of scrap my car near me
  • Second, never take the payment in cash if you perform this process in the UK territory. The UK government has imposed laws where a licensed scrap dealer must pay the client in traceable form like cheque, bank transfer, etc. Cash payments for scrap deals are illegal here.

From the above info, it is clear that one should not agree to cash payment after getting the car scrapped. Even the legitimate scrap dealers will not offer you cash mode because their license will be revoked if they make such payments in hard cash.

Additional reasons to avoid cash payments

There have been clients and dealers who indulged in unfair practices and opted for cash despite the opposing laws in the UK for scrapped cars. However, they have also had a hard time dealing with further problems. One may suffer issues later like non-compliance with the legal procedure while scrapping the car, tax errors, insurance refund, etc.

In such a situation, the DVLA or the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency will notify the last owner of the car, which can be you. So, even if the scrap dealer committed a mistake, the responsibility will fall on your shoulders. You will not have any evidence in your favor stating that you got the car scrapped from the particular scrap dealer. This is one of the significant drawbacks of cash payment.


London Scrap My Car

Cash transactions will have no trace of having done the scrapping; thus, you will continue to be liable for the vehicle tax, insurance policy, and other official expenses. Contrarily, you can set the defense of the scrap deal in good faith if you have the proof of payment made to you by the scrap dealer. Thus, it is safe to opt for cheques, bank transfers, and other recognized non-cash payment options for getting your car scrapped.

The next time someone tries to indulge you into cash payment for car scrapping, stay alert and look for someone else. Check our website for more info about scrap car prices.


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