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All prices quoted are guaranteed prices paid upon collection. All DVLA forms filled upon collection.

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We provide Same Day Service and late night service, depending on the area postcode and our availability.


We provide free collection & make sure all scrapped cars are disposed of in a legal & environmentally compliant way.

Scrap My Car Kent Services

Where to scrap my car? How to scrap my car near me? How does scrapping work? What paperwork will I need? Who will give me the best price? And so on.

There are many questions that come to the mind of anyone contemplating selling their scrap car for some cold, hard cash.

Here at The London Scrap My Car (Kent Branch), we have created a reputation among car sellers by providing a truly top-notch service. We not only offer the best scrap car prices, but we have also designed an effortlessly hassle-free and convenient way for car owners to sell their scrap cars to us.

When you have a car that has broken down and is not worth repairing, rather than having it rusting away on your driveway getting in the way of everything, call us. We can scrap your car for you and give you a better option.


The London Scrap My Car Services

If your car is beyond repair, we can take it away, process it and help you turn it into money to put towards a new vehicle. Note, our scrap car collection services is totally free and included in the price we offer.

We can!

If you are wondering if you can scrap your car for a good price in Kent, the answer is yes! It’s very simple, really.

  1. Have all of the legal paperwork ready.
  2. Get in touch with us.
  3. Get the best quote on the market from us.
  4. Let us handle the rest.

Hassle-free and convenient scrapping of your car for the best prices. Things were never easier.

A bit on the paperwork:

A key thing to consider is whether or not you have the legal documents required to sell the car. It’s always better to have all the documents ready before making a deal with the buyer.

A lot of buyers would prefer buying a car that has all its documents ready so they don’t have to wait for them.

Alternative Scrap Parts – DIY Service

The best way to get the most money for your junk car is to scrap individual parts. If you are going to sell your car for scrap, you need to make sure that all of the parts that can be sold separately are removed from the vehicle beforehand.

Often people will leave these parts in place because they do not want to go through the hassle of removing them. However, this is a mistake because these parts can be worth far more than the metal in your car itself.

Before you head out to sell your car for scrap, make sure that you remove anything that could be remotely valuable and anything that you would like back once the vehicle is sold. When you remove these items, make sure that you keep them separate from each other so that they do not get mixed up with other people’s items at the scrap yard.


The London Scrap My Car Services

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