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Scrap My Car Hove

Scrapping your car is possible but exchanging it for cash is not legal, unfortunately. No authentic scrap dealer will let you have cash for your car. According to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, the dealings must come only via cheques or electronic methods. 

Hence, you need to pick your dealer with care and wit. Choose to scrap my car for the best handling of not just your wheels but also for abiding by the state rule for documents and exchange of money. 


The London Scrap My Car Services

With the best dealers, you will always be safe and have the best way to scrap your car at top prices.

Note: Our Scrap My Car Hove branch is our fastest growing scrap my car branch. 

Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013

The government revised the plans around scrap metal dealings in 2013 and brought in new rules for the best. Every scrap dealer must follow them to keep their license working and keep the troubles at bay. A part of the law states:

  • Only licensed scrap dealers must go ahead with exchanging scraps for money with the people who opt for scrapping.
  • No money transfer will occur via cash. To keep the permit intact – metal dealers must opt for cheques or electronic payments. 
  • The license must display such that it is accessible and visible to the general public for verification. 
  • It must include complete documentation and verification for the best dealings to avoid complications.
  • It must not burn for a specific period of not more than 72 hours after receiving. 

The Act specifies several rules not just for the dealers but also for the people opting for it. It includes the requirement of several permits, the need for receipt of the scrap, and more. But above all, it is the law that hinders dealing with cash!

Does it ever include cash?

When you search for scrap my car near me, you are sure to get several options in hand for the deal. Look for authentic scrappers who know the way and are reliable. But, will they ever choose a cash for comfort?

  • The dealer does not know the law and may be a scam in the scrapping world- dodge them! 
  • They may not do the necessary paperwork for which you can fall in trouble in the upcoming time if caught!
  • They may also not know about the proper disposal method of the scrap, which again makes you a part of the trouble. 
  • It may call upon the DVLA for fines if something is wrong. You may not have proof of the scrapping.

If you come across someone ready to exchange a hand of cash – be alert! The dealer may not be proper. So, you will get a deal with money for trading scrap if it is not genuine!


The London Scrap My Car Services

Why must you be aware?

Most of the scrap dealers come with authenticity and follow the government regulation. Beware if they buy from you for cash! Most of the situation is way ahead of what it seems!

The scam dealers buy it from you at cheap rates and sell it to the ATF at better scrap car prices. This way, they benefit from dealing with cash and earning a profit from both ends. 

Are you thinking about understanding reliable dealers? Look into the background, the customer feedback, paperwork, way of dealing, and more. Choose London Scrap My Car and let our service serve you the best. 

We come with a license and open book for every customer. We hold transparency and deal with everything as per the law. With us, you need not worry about anything. 

We will never deal with you in cash, but ensure to give you the best price in the market!

“Our Scrap My Car Hove branch has a 7.5/10 rating in offering the best Scrap my Car Prices”

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