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Scrap My Car Enfield – FAQ

Scrapping a car is a simple task: contacting a licensed junkyard, gathering the documents, getting the car picked up, and having the amount transferred to your bank account. But, a prudent individual will have some questions in mind, especially if you have never done this before. There is always a first time for everything, and scrapping your car can also be one of them.

Never hesitate to ask questions because even a tiny error can lead to unnecessary issues relating to scrapping your car. Avoid wasting time and effort by asking more and seeking answers. We have carefully created a set of questions and answers people usually have about scrap my car services.

  • Should I scrap the car or sell it?

The key to deciding is to check if the car is in a state to get repaired or not. If the expense comes out to be more than the car’s present value, we suggest you scrap it away. You might not even get more money if you choose to sell a sad car. Please fill out our Quote Request Form to have a precise estimate in twenty seconds.

  • Is it necessary to have the V5C document while opting for car scrapping?

Things will become easy and quick if you have the V5C or logbook of your car you wish to scrap. But, there is no need to worry if it got misplaced. We can do the needful even if you do not have this document. Convey this to us beforehand so that we can proceed accordingly and successfully for you.

  • Is it possible to collect the car if the car owner is unavailable?

While looking at a scrap of my car near me, you do not necessarily have to be present for the car’s collection. Our professionals will reach the designated spot and pick up the car even if the car owner is not present. We are okay if somebody else attends in your place, provided they are 18 years or above. Ask them to keep ready a photo ID and address proof.

  • Can I remove the car’s parts for reselling and scrap the remaining?

Understandably, a person may want to make more money by selling some parts of the scrapping car in the market. Our London Scrap, My Car team, will be okay if you wish to remove and resale the seat covers, different music systems, or other accessories you added on your own. However, removing wheels or other structural parts may decrease the scrap car prices. We will have to check with such removals and weigh for a newer payment amount.

  • When CoD or Certificate of Destruction will be issued?

Cod or Certificate of Destruction is evidence that your car has been scrapped with proper rules. Thus, it is proof that your car has been destroyed, and you are not liable for tax, insurance, or other liabilities. Usually, the DVLA sends CoD within a month from the day your ATF or Authorized Treatment Facility or licensed scrap dealer communicates the car’s destruction to the DVLA.

We promise to make no delay and do the job at our end immediately. Please note that you will receive the CoD only from the DVLA, and a scrap dealer has no authority to issue you this certificate.

We hope we have covered your questions. You may check our website for info about the procedure, process, price, insurance, donation, and other relatable topics. If there is still something else in your mind, feel free to get answers from our efficient call attendant at 020 3893 2261.

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