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Scrap My Car Canterbury

Paperwork Guidelines:

Paperworks is one of the things that is quite a hassle but is required, and this is also the case when scrapping your car. You can, however, rely on us, The London Scrap My Car company, to proceed with everything according to the UK Gov Legislation. In this section, we talk about the entire process of scrapping your car to handling all the paperwork and other procedures relating to Scrap My Car.

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What documents are in need?

No licensed scrap my car company will proceed with scrapping your car without providing the required documents. If you are the owner of the vehicle you scrap, the following are the documents you must have in hand:

  • V5C LogbookIt is the registration certificate giving you the ownership to decide on the scrapping for your car. It is impossible to proceed with scrapping without it.
  • Owner manual along with book pack: This is another must-have document. It consists of everything one needs to know for using and maintaining the vehicle they have.
  • Service history: The age and condition of a vehicle are vital to determining the best price. Before providing the best scrap car prices, ensure to have in hand the history of the service.

Once the documentation completes and the ATF agrees with the proceeding, you will receive a certificate of destruction. It is proof that your scrapping was done under legal circumstances and is agreeable to the state.

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What if you misplaced the V5C?

If you cannot find your V5C and are the owner, you need not worry. By the legal terms, contact the DVLA and request them or authenticate the scrapping proving the following information:

  • The confirmation of scrapping by a licensed scrap my car Company
  • Make and model of the vehicle you own with the number plate details
  • The date of the sale of a vehicle
  • Name and details of the buyer
  • Personal information that is a must for contact

Dealing with vehicle scrapping can be challenging. The best is to pick a reliable dealer for the best process. Once you know you are in good hands, all you need is to offer the needs and sit back as they complete the process in the best way.


The London Scrap My Car Services

Search for scrap my car near me, and you are sure to find us at your rescue. Fill in our Request Quote to get the best price, and contact us now for the best deal. London Scrap My Car comes with the best and offers you hassle-free scrapping!

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