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Have you ever heard that catalytic converters have a whopping value? Do you not get curious when people say to compare catalytic converters with gold? What is the connection between catalytic converters and high market value? Why does a scrap my car brixton offer more price for a car with a catalytic converter? They are just metals and not even as precious as gold.

There are plenty of reasons behind their high value in the market. Let’s surf you through this and add more to your knowledge today. Our competent and well-versed writers at London Scrap My Car have put in words the best answer for you these questions.


London Scrap My Car, 33-35 Jamestown Road, London, NW1 7DB

What are catalytic converters?

Before knowing the why, it is imperative to understand what they are. Catalytic converters are like exhaust devices responsible for controlling gaseous emissions in vehicles. They convert the toxic gases and other pollutants into lesser harming substances that could otherwise be adverse to the people and the environment. Efficiently catalytic converters can also improve the overall performance and life of the vehicle.

Why are catalytic converters so expensive or of so much value?

While enquiring about scrap my car near me options, you might notice that the dealer is offering more for a car with catalytic converters and makes a significant cut where the catalytic converters are missing or faulty. What is the reason? Well, there are not one but multiple reasons for this. They are listed down for you:-

  • They have a tremendous economic value

If you look into the anatomy of these emission controllers, you will find that catalytic converters are composed of several valuable metals. Platinum, palladium, rhodium, and cerium are the primary metals that add a whopping value to the final product. Thus, scrap dealers are willing to pay more for these precious metals in catalytic converters in your scrap car.

  • They are legally and ethically essential

As stated above, catalytic converters can convert harmful gases and pollutants to prevent ill effects on people and the environment. Keeping this ethical and environmental advantage in mind, even the legal authorities have mandated to include catalytic converters in vehicles. So, it can be correct to say that their value is kept high when a car is brought for scrapping to incentivize people.

  • They require meticulous engineering skills

This can be another reason why catalytic converters are priced at an upper limit. Making these is not a layman’s job; they require expertise from mechanical and chemical engineers. Any fault can lead to drastic consequences; thus, only qualified engineers are tasked to make these devices. So, the meticulous skills and time used might be factors in putting catalytic converters at a higher value.

  • They are in more demand

We all know the rules of economics where the price of a commodity goes up when it is in great demand. Given the observations in the market, it is safe to say that people are opting for engineers powered with gas nowadays. Thus, the demand for catalytic converters is also increasing, which is also hiking its value. The increased production cost can also be a reason for their higher price.


London Scrap My Car, 33-35 Jamestown Road, London, NW1 7DB

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