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Scrap My Car Brighton

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Scrap My Car Brighton

As an owner, you are looking for the maximum value for scrapping your car, and; you are interested in knowing the price-influencing factors. We at, The London Scrap My Car have covered you here. We are here to highlight the mattering aspects that increase or decrease the value of the scrap my car pricing.

It is imperative to understand that some factors will be out of your hands, while there are some of them you can control. Both such categories are enumerated below.

  • The kind of dealer

There are umpteen junkyards in the market right now offering varying prices for scrapping cars. It is on you to decide which one offers the price of your expectations. However, there is a minor point of caution herein. Sometimes, you may get swayed away by a wowing price for scrap my car near me service; however, such bait may come from an unlicensed dealer. Always prefer a licensed ATF or Authorized Treatment Facility for a genuine deal.

You can proceed with a car scrapping transaction with a recognized and legitimate dealer like The London Scrap My Car.

  • The location of the car

This may or may not be an impacting factor because some scrap dealers charge a fee for providing pick-up or collection services. Thus, the farther location of the car will invite more charges for the distance covered. It will eventually be cut from the final price you will get after getting the car scrapped. So, always check for hidden charges beforehand, and you may want to avoid cracking a deal with such junkyard owners.


The London Scrap My Car

We are glad to be able to offer you collection services for free. Thus, the location will not matter to us, and the value of your scrapped car will not decline.

  • The price of metal

The above two points are in your control, but this one is not controllable. Logically speaking, the dealer will be able to pay you according to the metal price. The car and its other parts are made of metal, so you get paid according to its market price. All you can do is observe the market rate and can act accordingly. If you expect a rise in the metal price, you may wait. Otherwise, you may proceed however you wish to.


The London Scrap My Car

All genuine scrap dealers, including us, practice standard procedures like weighing the metal from the scrap car. This allows us to offer a fair quote.

  • The make of the vehicle

Another factor is not in your control like the above one. But the model and the composition of the scrapping car will impact the final price. There is a difference between the condition of the car and the making of the car. The making/ model of the car is crucial because it determines the car’s age and the amount of metal used therein. However, the condition is about the neat look.

We are not concerned about the condition because the car will ultimately get scrapped. So, we do not slash prices for the car’s poor condition.

If you are still curious about the exact numbers, you can fill out our Quote Request Form for scrap car prices. You will get an estimate based on our team’s details shared in twenty seconds. You may visit for straight answers on several other relatable topics.

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